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Building Resilience When You Work With Kids

For Adults Who Work With Kids

In this 10 week course we'll cover:

  • Adolescent Stages of Development

  • Coaching vs Therapy

  • Self Care

  • Stress Management

  • Self Identity

  • Optimism/Pessimism

  • Self Worth and Self Compassion

  • Human Agency

  • Self Determined Motivation

  • Self Efficacy

  • Meaning and Purpose

  • Effective Goal Setting

  • Planning

  • Goal Striving

  • Identifying Existing Strengths, Traits and Skills

  • Social Capital

  • Positive Structural Supports

  • Healthy Interactions

  • Healthy Boundaries

  • Optimizing Capacity

  • Habit Formation and Change

  • Managing Thoughts, Emotions and Behaviours

  • Managing Progress

You'll finish this course with greater capacity to manage the depth of work you do, and a clearer path to understanding and helping the kids you see every day.


10-week program to build your resilience and chances of thriving • One group coaching session each week • One private, confidential coaching session each week with your assigned coach • Commitment to take action for progress between sessions

This course qualifies for the Canada Alberta Job Grant which pays up to 2/3 of tuition

Cost: $1200

Winter cohort starts December 29, 2023

Live Coursework Fridays 4 pm to 5 pm

Private session booked according to your schedule


Payment plans available

Starting a Social Media Conversation With Your Kids

For Adults of Kids of All Ages


Starting a Social Media Conversation With Your Kids bridges the gap between adult understanding and kids’ behaviour, and doing everything they can to start a positive social media conversation in homes.

Participants in the 2 hour Parenting and Social Media session will learn the scope of online activity of kids in grades 4 to 12, highlighting both the positive and negative. They’ll learn better questions to ask, and come away with tools to lean into conversations about social media use.

Tips and guidelines will be provided so parents can make choices that will protect their kids while allowing them to enjoy the positive aspects of social media.

Since most kids have exposure to social media, whether through their own use or through the use of those around them, parents will be able to reinforce good choices at home and allow kids to feel more competent, supported, and confident in their social media use.

Delivered online on the first Sunday every month.

7 pm to 9 pm


Live online class


30 minute one-on-one follow-up session

Discount code for the person you wish had attended too

Cost: $49 per household 

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