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Jo Phillips

Inspiring Change

For Jo, it's all about kids. Hanging out with them, learning from them, helping them. Since 2015 she's been speaking with her partner Joe Whitbread in schools, listening to kids about how they use social media and the challenges they face. This led to the creation of the Jo(e) Youth Creative - an innovative space in Lacombe where kids come to play video games, make TikToks and learn YouTube. Jo is currently CEO of Jo(e) Social Media, Executive Director of the JYC, public speaker, advocate and coach for kids and young adults.

Jo loves to listen to the stories of kids and work with them to find solutions to their ideas, and their challenges. With a degree in Psychology focused on motivation and personality from the University of Calgary,  and as a Certified Youth Resilience Coach, she's able to help kids build out the future, and then help get them there. 

BA Psychology - University of Calgary

Certified Youth Resilience Coach - Youth Coaching Institute

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