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Time to Bust It All Up

There comes a time in life when you look at what you're doing, and it just isn't where you want to be anymore. This isn't a bad thing, and doesn't have to be destructive. You can change, grow, blow it all up, and do it in a healthy, constructive way. In "Not This", you don't need to know where you're going. You just need to know it's "Not This" anymore. 

This six session series includes:

1 - 45 minute intake session where we'll complete a life satisfaction survey and set an overall goal

5 - 60 minute one-on-one evidence based, online coaching sessions booked according to your schedule

3 - 60 minute group coaching sessions to find like-minded people and help support each other through your growth

25% discount on further coaching 

Who might benefit from this series? People who are:

Questioning if they're on the right path

Know they're on the right path but need a power boost

Are ready to blow things up but don't know where to get started

Done with doing it the way they have been, and are ready for a new way of living


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