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Yeah, But.

It's my least favourite phrase. Yeah But.

As soon as I hear it, I know an excuse is coming. I know a goal isn't going to be achieved. I know you're not ready to take the next step seriously, because you're already justifying your failure.

"Yeah but work is crazy."

"Yeah but I have three kids."

"Yeah but I tried that and it didn't work."

"Yeah but I don't have time."

"Yeah but it's not how I pictured it."

"Yeah but I don't like that process."

You can "yeah but" all day long.

If you find yourself answering "yeah, but" to a challenge, or a question, take a step back. It's time to think about WHY you're finding excuses before you even try.

Does the challenge scare you?

Are you afraid of failing in front of others?

Is your ego involved?

Are you so committed to being right, you're not willing to be wrong and successful?

Take a minute to write this down.

"I say I want ___________ but I haven't gone for it because _______________."

Here's the hard part. Break that excuse down. Is it valid? Do you truly not have the skills, resources, ability to learn what you need to know? What really will happen if you fail? Will the world around you collapse? Do you have the ability to be resilient?

Let me know how it goes.

"Luck ain't even lucky, gotta make your own breaks." Bon Jovi

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