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In 2017, I worked with a high performance coach. I knew I wanted something bigger for my life, and I knew I needed help to get there. Soon after I completed my coaching package, my goals had to be put aside while I navigated through parenting a child with mental illness.

Clarity was a topic that was frequently discussed. And coming to clarity about what I wanted to do with JoOutLoud was difficult.

Finally, I got fed up with putting this project on the backburner. I booked abranding photo shoot, and was forced to really think about what this will look like. My photographer (Happy Little Lemons Photography) asked me questions like:

- what is your goal for JoOutLoud? - Who is your target audience? - What are your 3 passions (not including Bon Jovi 😉) that you’d love to come across in some, most or all of your images? - What services are you wanting to showcase?

I thought about who I'd worked with, and am working with, and what that work looks like. And it comes down to one thing. Regardless of where that person is in life, I help them with mindset.

Ah. Clarity.


"If that's what it takes, that's what I'll do. Tonight's the night, I'm gonna prove it to you. Do I have to break down, baby, just to break through? If that's what it takes, that's what I'll do". - Bon Jovi

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