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Starting a Social Media Conversation Work Book

Updated: Jul 9

I'm SO excited to finally have this available. A Workbook for Parents: Starting a Social Media Conversation is now available for $15 CAD!

This digital workbook will force you to take an introspective look into the experiences of kids and their adults, from a positive, proactive point of view.

Kids have told me their adults have done a good job at teaching them the dangerous stuff of being online. They can tell me the safety rules. They can give me scary examples that an adult has shared with them. And when they have a chance, they also share what they’re excited about, and teach me a few things.

We’ve been approaching social media from a safety perspective - which is vital. But let’s use the analogy of a stove.

When your kids were young, you taught them the stove was hot. And once they knew the rules around using it safely, you taught them to cook and bake. Not complex stuff at first, just simple recipes. And when they inevitably burned their hand, you took care of the burn and let them get back to learning to cook and bake. With social media, we’re teaching kids the stove is hot. And when they burn themselves, we’re putting our hands on our hips, saying “I told you so”, and taking away the stove.

We have to start helping with the burns, and then restore their confidence to get back to the positive aspects.

In this workbook you'll get insights, reflection questions, action plans and game plans.

  • Reflecting on the Positive Aspects of Social Media for Kids

  • Understanding Social Media Use - Kids vs Adults

  • Teaching Social Media Responsibility

  • Understanding Social Media Privacy

  • Understanding Why Kids Use Social Media

  • Supporting Your Child's Social Media Experiences

  • Addressing Device Usage and Family Connection

  • Keeping Your Child Safe Online

  • Addressing Peer-to-Peer Photo Sharing

  • Understanding Gaming as Social Media

  • Navigating Negative Experiences and Building Trust

  • Supporting Your Child with YouTube Video Creation

  • Supporting Kids Using TikTok

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