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What's The Goal?

When your child comes to you with a challenge, or a confession, remember this. Our goal as parents isn't to exact punishment or consequences. Our goal is to help our kids develop the skills and values they'll need to be successful independently. Sometimes our kids learn through a tough experience, and often, that lesson is enough. It doesn't require further reinforcement. You're not letting them off the hook, but you are creating space for them to continue to come to you as they do those things kids are gonna do. You know. The things you did when you were their age, too.

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Michael Kremic
Michael Kremic
Mar 01

Well, listen, I newer did bad things in my younger age... Was my statement convincing enough? No. Than, better , for me too, to listen up to the experts,to learn, how to foster a loving, invaiting, open relationship with our youngsters, learning to signal always kindness and support in all upcoming situations, to make the day, the tomorrow better for them.The fact , that our children will come to us, sharing or requesting guidance, is really heartworming experience, worth maintaing, to be a daily occasion.What are the best ways to do that? Karl

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