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Starting a Social Media Conversation is a program designed to stimulate a continuous, positive social media conversation between kids and the adults in their lives, led by the lived-experience of the kids.

Many kids won’t report the bad things that happen online, because parents take away their video game, or phone, or Snapchat to keep them safe.

Parents need to learn how to support and understand social media from their child’s perspective, and to create space to help with the negative in an effective manner.

What you'll get:

  • Straight from the kids’ mouth information on how they actually use social media

  • ·Conversation about the REAL challenges kids face and grade specific information you need to know as a parent

  • ·Simple things you can do as a parent to help your kid negotiate social media, digital devices, and gaming

  • ·What mental health challenges kids face due to online behaviour and steps you can take to minimize the impact ·

  • How you can support your kids in positive social media use

Heads up though. We’re on the kids’ side. This isn’t a presentation about settings and apps to monitor your kids. This is about starting and continuing a respectful conversation about social media in your home.

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