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After listening to over 100K kids, there is one thing clear about the challenges they face when it comes to social media. They need to be able to talk about it. The good, the bad, the challenges and the opportunities.  

Starting a Social Media Conversation is a program designed to stimulate a continuous, positive social media conversation between kids and the adults in their lives, led by the lived-experience of the kids. Many kids won’t report the bad things that happen online, because parents take away their video game, or phone, or Snapchat to keep them safe. Kids' Adults need to learn how to support and understand social media from the child’s perspective, and to create space to help with the negative in an effective manner.

Each presentation is tailored to be grade-appropriate for the challenges kids are facing. Ideally, in-school presentations are paired with a Parent presentation in the evening, to truly get the conversation started.

In-School Conversations

Leaning Into The Positives And Negotiating The Negatives Of Social Media

Kindergarten to Grade 3: This age group isn’t using social media, but still have to deal with the consequences of social media because of their parent’s behaviour. Common problems in this group include not knowing how to identify a stranger when their picture is all over Instagram and Facebook, parents who don’t notice the impact of their device use, and conversation around the dinner table based on on-line conflict.

Grades 4 to 7: This age group is just starting to use social media. Most of them will be using TikTok, and toward grade 7, SnapChat. Few will be using Instagram, all will be playing video games. This is a great time to talk to kids about positive online use, and how to talk to their parents about social media. This is also a vulnerable group for predators and grooming, and cohort bullying, but many are afraid to report challenges to their parents for fear of losing the platform.

Grades 8 and 9: Grade 8 is predominantly when photo sharing starts. This is also where we start to see significant mental health issues tied to social use. Insecure, changing quickly, and unsure exactly where they fit in, this is when we want to encourage kids to find their passion and lean into it. We also use this opportunity to identify how and where cyberbullying is occurring, and who is impacted by it.

Grades 10 to 12:  By high school, kids have a long track record online. A history not just created by them, but also by their parents. They are the only group of maturing people who understand what it was like to be in Grade 6 with Snapchat. In this group, we ask them to apply their wisdom. Teach us what the younger kids should know. Teach us what the parents should know. This is an impactful and empowering conversation in which they start to recognize the responsibility and potential they have when it comes to social media and devices. Mental health is a common theme in this conversation, and we work together to build tools to support these challenges.

Parenting and Social Media Session

Starting a Social Media Conversation for Parents bridges the gap between parent understanding and kids’ behaviour, and doing everything they can to start a positive social media conversation in homes.

Participants in the 2 hour Parenting and Social Media session will learn the scope of online activity of kids in grades 4 to 12, highlighting both the positive and negative. They’ll learn better questions to ask, and come away with tools to lean into conversations about social media use.

Tips and guidelines will be provided so parents can make choices that will protect their kids while allowing them to enjoy the positive aspects of social media.

Since most kids have exposure to social media, whether through their own use or through the use of those around them, parents will be able to reinforce good choices at home and allow kids to feel more competent, supported, and confident in their social media use.

Booking Details

2023/24 Fees:

$225/in-school presentation

$500/parent presentation

$.55/km travel for destinations more than 100 km away from Edmonton, AB

Hotel fees for destinations more than 250 km away from Edmonton or Calgary, AB

Bookings can be made by emailing, by text or phone to 1.403.352.9941, or by completing this form.  Please include requested dates, times and grade levels in your email.

This program is offered through JoOutLoud in agreement with Jo(e) Social Media Inc.

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