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All About Jo Phillips

For me, it's all about kids. Hanging out with them, learning from them, helping them. I deliver the acclaimed  program "Starting a Social Media Conversation", listening to kids about how they use social media and the challenges they face, and shifting in whatever direction the kids take me. This program is meant to support both kids, and their adults! 

Coaching is an effective tool for kids who are supported in their mental health, but need help building skills. As a Youth Resilience Coach, I  work with kids, teens and emerging adults to help them discover resources they have, or can reach for, to develop a toolbox of skills to get them through the challenges they face.

I'm uniquely qualified to do what I do.

I have a BA Psych & am a certified Youth Resilience Coach. I've worked since 2020  with kids through digital media camps & clubs (led by the kids!)  and since 2015  in schools listening to them talk about their challenges and opportunities.

I co-founded & ran a social media agency for 11 years and am a legitimate expert in Facebook, X, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest with a shout out to Snapchat.


I am the Executive Director of Rural Red Deer Restorative Justice.

I was a full time solo parent of 3 now grown kids.

I am an expert in the field of social media & kids, with experience from all sides of the conversation.

Lime green square with the words It's not about devices and platforms. It's about the experiences we create with them.

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Calgary: October 15 -16 available

Central Alberta: Week of Sept 16

Grasslands: Week of October 7 limited spots

Grande Prairie: Week of Sept 30

Fort McMurray: Week of October 28

Start a Social Media Conversation in Your Community

Starting a Social Media Conversation is a program designed to stimulate a continuous, positive social media conversation between kids and the adults in their lives, led by the lived-experience of the kids. Many kids won't report the bad things that happen online because parents take away their video game, or phone, or Snapchat to keep them safe. Kids' Adults need to learn how to support and understand social media from the child's perspective and to create space to help with the negative in an effective manner.

In my session, I ask the kids lots of questions, directing the conversation in a way that they make discoveries amongst themselves about the good and bad of social media and devices. I validate their experiences and help them build confidence to approach adults with the good, the bad, the challenges and the opportunities.

Each session is tailored to be grade appropriate for the challenges kids are facing. Ideally, in-school presentations are paired with Adult Education in the form of an after-school Staff Session or evening Parents Session.

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