Jo Phillips

Inspiring Change

Who does she think she is? Someone who can help you push through your limiting boundaries, your yeah-buts, demolish excuses, and create a plan to live that life you know you're supposed to be living.


Most people have a dream. Most have courage. They just have to put the two together.  


Jo Phillips has a BA in Psychology with course focus on personality, and motivation. She's a successful business owner, and at the same time, well versed in failure and the lessons that come from it. What's there to be afraid of? Nothing! Are you ready to make a change in your life? 

Strong. Lots throw around the word. But what does it actually mean? Jo speaks to entrepreneurs about the challenges of business, surviving epic failure, and rebuilding to success. From single parenthood, to bankruptcy and depression, Jo speaks to the reality of what most would-be-dream-seekers fear. And she'll tell you there's nothing to be afraid of.  Book her for Facebook Live interviews, Zoom conversations, or in-the-room speaking.

When you sit in silence and contemplate your life as it is, are you content? Is this the life you're meant to live? Or are you merely comfortable, and going for the big dream means disrupting that comfort. As Brendon Burchard says, the things you should fear are the things that are life-threatening. Like lions. Be afraid of lions. The rest? We can work through the rest.

Choose from a mastermind group, weekly email connection, or one-on-one check ins. We'll look at the barriers in your life that are keeping you from living as loudly as you want to, and create a path through them. 

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