Kids and Social Media Coaching

Coaching for kids, parents, guardians and educators, with an amplification of the child's voice, to get to the root of challenges you're having around social media, gaming, and online behaviour and activity.


$400 /6 sessions


School & Organization Social Media Support

Sometimes the challenges faced in a school are beyond the scope or understanding of teachers, counselors, and administration. As a social media liaison, Jo can come into your school and work with small groups of kids on the challenges they are facing. Specific topics can include bullying, grooming, photo sharing, and creating policy for a school.



Public Speaking on Mental Health

There is nothing easy about watching your child battle mental illness. It's a different fight than any other illness. A disease that you can't see, that many won't understand, and infiltrates every area of their life, and yours. Jo speaks honestly about her journey - the anger, helplessness, frustration, love, patience, and immense support necessary to get through every day as a parent trying to keep their child alive.