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Jo Phillips
Experienced, Educated Support For Kids
And Their Adults

"Kids will not tell us when things go wrong, because we respond by banning. This to me is the biggest challenge of social media. It has nothing to do with platforms and devices, and everything to do with trust and communication. We've got to be having healthy conversations, informed by kids' perspective." ~ Jo 

Learn how to support and understand social media from the child’s perspective, and create space to help with the negative in an effective manner.

Starting a Social Media Conversation

Starting a Social Media Conversation

Leaning Into The Positives And Negotiating The Negatives Of Social Media

Kindergarten to Grade 3: This age group isn’t using social media, but still have to deal with the consequences of social media because of their parent’s behaviour. Common problems in this group include not knowing how to identify a stranger when their picture is all over Instagram and Facebook, parents who don’t notice the impact of their device use, and conversation around the dinner table based on on-line conflict.

Grades 4 to 7: This age group is just starting to use social media. Most of them will be using TikTok, and toward grade 7, SnapChat. Few will be using Instagram, all will be playing video games. This is a great time to talk to kids about positive online use, and how to talk to their parents about social media. This is also a vulnerable group for predators and grooming, and cohort bullying, but many are afraid to report challenges to their parents for fear of losing the platform.

Grades 8 and 9: Grade 8 is predominantly when photo sharing starts. This is also where we start to see significant mental health issues tied to social use. Insecure, changing quickly, and unsure exactly where they fit in, this is when we want to encourage kids to find their passion and lean into it. We also use this opportunity to identify how and where cyberbullying is occurring, and who is impacted by it.

Grades 10 to 12:  By high school, kids have a long track record online. A history not just created by them, but also by their parents. They are the only group of maturing people who understand what it was like to be in Grade 6 with Snapchat. In this group, I ask them to apply their wisdom. Teach us what the younger kids should know. Teach us what the parents should know. This is an impactful and empowering conversation in which they start to recognize the responsibility and potential they have when it comes to social media and devices. Mental health is a common theme in this conversation, and we work together to build tools to support these challenges.

2023/24 Fees:

$225/in-school presentation

$500/parent presentation

$150/post-presentation staff session

$.55/km travel for destinations more than 100 km one way, from Edmonton, AB

Hotel fees for destinations more than 250 km one way, from Edmonton or Calgary, AB

Bookings can be made by emailing, by text or phone to 1.403.352.9941, or by completing this form. Please include requested dates, times and grade levels in your email.

Building Resilience When You Work With Kids

For Adults Who Work With Kids

In this 10 week course we'll cover:

  • Adolescent Stages of Development

  • Coaching vs Therapy

  • Self Care

  • Stress Management

  • Self Identity

  • Optimism/Pessimism

  • Self Worth and Self Compassion

  • Human Agency

  • Self Determined Motivation

  • Self Efficacy

  • Meaning and Purpose

  • Effective Goal Setting

  • Planning

  • Goal Striving

  • Identifying Existing Strengths, Traits and Skills

  • Social Capital

  • Positive Structural Supports

  • Healthy Interactions

  • Healthy Boundaries

  • Optimizing Capacity

  • Habit Formation and Change

  • Managing Thoughts, Emotions and Behaviours

  • Managing Progress

You'll finish this course with greater capacity to manage the depth of work you do, and a clearer path to understanding and helping the kids you see every day.


10-week program to build your resilience and chances of thriving • One group coaching session each week • One private, confidential coaching session each week with your assigned coach • Commitment to take action for progress between sessions

This course qualifies for the Canada Alberta Job Grant which pays up to 2/3 of tuition

Cost: $1200

Winter cohort starts December 29, 2023

Live Coursework Fridays 4 pm to 5 pm

Private session booked according to your schedule


Payment plans available

Coaching is an effective tool for kids who are supported in their mental health, but need help building skills. As a Youth Resilience Coach, I  work with kids, teens and emerging adults to help them discover resources they have, or can reach for, to develop a toolbox of skills to get them through the challenges they face.

Building Resilience

Inspiring Change

  • Professional Speaker/Mentor/Coach

  • BA Psychology - University of Calgary

  • Certified Youth Resilience Coach - Youth Coaching Institute

  • Former CEO - Jo(e) Social Media Inc (est. 2012)

  • Co-Founder and former Executive Director - Jo(e) Youth Creative (est 2020)

  • Founder and Executive Director - Journey Youth Creative (est. 2023)

  • Founder - JoOutLoud

  • Parent of three

For Jo, it's all about kids. Hanging out with them, learning from them, helping them. She's been delivering the acclaimed  program "Starting a Social Media Conversation" for more than 8 years, listening to kids about how they use social media and the challenges they face, and shifting in whatever direction the kids take her.

Jo was co-founder and Executive Director of Journey Youth Creative) - an innovative space in Lacombe where kids came to play video games, make TikToks and learn YouTube. She is also founder of JoOutLoud Youth Resilience Coaching, a professional speaker, and an advocate for kids and coach to parents who want collaborative solutions to their family challenges.


Jo loves to listen to the stories of kids and work with them to find solutions to their ideas, and their challenges. With a degree in Psychology focused on motivation and personality, and a minor in Sociology from the University of Calgary, she's able to connect the dots for parents and kids in a healthy, fun, way.

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